Home wine cellar - everything you would like to know

Do you own a house or apartment and are thinking of setting up your own home wine cellar? In today’s article, we’ll tell you what such a cellar is useful for, why it’s worth having one, and what wines you can store in it. You’re welcome!

What is a home wine cellar useful for?

As the name suggests, a home wine cellar is useful primarily for storing wine. If you are a connoisseur of this beverage and have your favorite vintages – it is not worth keeping them in the cabinet or refrigerator. Unfortunately, the wine can lose its properties in such places, affecting its taste and aromatic qualities. 


Therefore, if you are a connoisseur who appreciates the preserved nuances characteristic of the different varieties and strains from which the wine was extracted – it is essential to take proper precautions when storing bottles.

You should set up a separate home wine cellar, which will have the right conditions, as well as microclimate. If you do not have a lot of space in your house but have a staircase, you can make such a cellar just under it.

An under-stair wine cellar will perfectly store your wine, providing it with the best conditions.

Home wine cellar, under-stair wine cellar – what wines to store in it?

You can store any type of wine in your home wine cellar or under the stairs. However, it’s a good idea to check your storage unit’s temperature, as wine doesn’t like either too high or too low temperatures. It should also be dark in it since sunlight has an adverse effect on wine. If all these conditions are met, you can store any type of wine in your wine cellar – red, white, rosé, classic, and modern.

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