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At Ryker’s Cellars, we’re a team of wine cellar specialists. Whether you’re interested in having a brand new wine cellar built in your home, or you already have a wine cellar that you want to modify, you won’t be disappointed in our services.

With our innovative approach to wine cellar design and construction, our custom builds are second to none! Whatever you’re looking for, get in touch with us today and our knowledgeable team of experts will be ready to discuss all your wants, needs, dreams.

Bespoke wine cellar building

There comes a point in any wine collector’s life when their humble wine fridges simply run out of room. Some may just buy another fridge, but those who are serious about wine collecting have greater ambitions: they decide it’s time to install a custom wine cellar in their home!

There are more reasons than extra storage to invest in having a wine cellar built. Maybe you’re looking to host wine-tasting evenings with friends. Maybe you need the temperature and humidity control that can only be achieved with the right wine cellar cooling unit. Maybe you’re also interested in adding value to your home. With a wine cellar, all these things are possible – so what are you waiting for?

We’re able to build a wine cellar that aligns as closely with your ideas as possible, while also taking into account the available space. Whether you’re interested in traditional cellars with wooden wine racks and warm, cozy yellow lighting, or modern cellars with sleek metal wine racks and glass doors, with fresh and vibrant white lights, nothing is off the table.

Modifying your existing cellar

Even if you’re lucky enough to have your own wine cellar, who’s to say it can’t ever be improved? We are able to modify existing wine cellars with our innovative approaches, truly making even the most exquisite cellars into something that much more special.

After having something for a while, there’s always something you notice that could be just that little bit better. Perhaps the extra wine racks were great at first, but as your collection has diversified you’ve obtained multiple wine bottles that don’t fit quite nicely enough – or fit at all. Perhaps you started with a traditional wooden wine cellar, but as you’ve upgraded the rest of your house, you feel as though a more modern cellar would make a more cohesive home. Perhaps you just need a better cooling system! Whatever the reason, our expert team will be able to help you achieve whatever your goals may be!

Are you interested in your own wine cellar?

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