Modern wine cellars

Every collector interested in finally implementing a wine cellar in their home will have to make an important choice: do you opt for a traditional or modern wine cellar?Both have their merits, and both can look stunning – but that only serves to make the choice harder! In this article, we’ll focus on modern wine cellars, going over some of the key design features and looking into why you’d choose modern over traditional when your wine fridge just doesn’t cut it!

Modern wine cellar style

Traditional wine cellars normally contain lots of wood – wooden wine cabinets, racks, walls, and flooring. This all contributes to creating a warm atmosphere. There are also stone, brick, and tiles, as well as intricately detailed elements, adding to the vintage feel.

While there isn’t necessarily a consistent style for modern wine cellars, there usually aren’t a lot of wooden features, though that’s not to say there can’t be any wood at all. Typically there will be much more metal, with stainless steel or even a chrome finish. It’s also common for there to be acrylic and glass doors that may be etched or frosted.

If you’re a fan of both wood and metal, another modern wine cellar design choice is opting for a hybrid design. A blend of old and new can result in a contemporary, striking, and unique look!

Location of modern wine cellars

Modern wine cellars aren’t limited to being installed in the basement which is the norm for traditional cellars. It’s quite common for a contemporary wine cellar to exist as an extension of a living area such as the dining room, kitchen, or even living room, as opposed to being a completely separate location – this is to achieve synergy with the rest of the home.

Lighting a modern wine cellar

The right lighting in a wine room can make more of a difference than you would expect! Traditional cellars often have warm, yellow lighting to match the warmth of the wooden features. In a more modern wine cellar, the best choice is cooler white lighting for a fresh, bright atmosphere.

Since modern wine cellars are less commonly installed in basements, there may also already be some natural light coming in wherever you choose to install it.

Modern wine cellar storage and space

Modern wine rooms usually have a lot more room for storage than their traditional counterparts. The reason? They’re designed to be stylish, sleek, and minimalist, all of which contribute to making it possible to store a bigger wine collection while taking up less space.

To add to this, you also need less space in your house for a modern wine cellar. You no longer need a whole extra room or a basement as you can install modern wine storage equipment in essentially any room you desire.

How much is a modern wine cellar?

Modern or traditional, wine cellars can be pricey, so whichever route you choose to go down, you’ll need to be prepared to spend a bit of money. It all depends on the price of building materials, and the amount you need. If you already have a room of a suitable temperature like a basement, you’ll also save money on cooling a different room.

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